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Deprivation of Liberties Safeguarding (DoLS) Paid Person's Representative Service

Last year we made over 2000 visits to people in residential care to ensure that their rights were upheld as part of our Deprivation of Liberties Safeguards (DoLS) Paid Person's Representative Service. Some of these cases were taken to to the Court of Protection in order for DoLS authorisations to be legally examined. This service ensures that the freedoms of people who lack the mental capacity to make decisions about their care are protected, and that residential homes maintain the  least restrictive approach in their care of individuals. The work of our Paid Person's Representatives (PPRs) is governed by the Mental Capacity Act.

Our PPRs are experienced in working with people who lack mental capacity for a variety of reasons: such as learning disabilities, dementia, head injuries and mental ill-health. They also have a detailed understanding of the careplans and records that are required to be maintained by homes, which they review during visits in order to ensure that the person's freedoms are being maximised within their residence.

In many cases where a DoLS is authorised by the local authority a partner, family member, or friend acts as the person's representative. Where this is not possible the local authority must appoint a PPR to take up the role. LCPT provide this service to Leicestershire County Council and Leicester City Council.

If you require any further information then please contact us via info@lcp-trust.org.uk or call Mike Haj on 0116 2229522