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Leicestershire Advice Service for Social Care

This is a free, independent and confidential service to provide advice about adult social care and support services in the County of Leicestershire and how to access them. This includes services provided by or on behalf of  Leicestershire County Council, as well as services provided by voluntary organisations and private companies.

Anybody can use this service to find out about the services that are appropriate for you, or to ask on behalf of somebody else who may require social care services.

When you contact us we will ask if you, or the person you are enquiring on behalf of, is an adult of working age (18-65) or an older adult. The reason for this is that the Advice Service consists of two teams:

  • one specialising in the needs of people aged 18-65
  • and the other in the needs of older adults.

You will be put through to the team best suited to answer your questions.

The Advice Worker will then discuss your needs or concerns, and explain all of the options available to you and help you to understand them, so that you can make an informed decision about what is best.

You will then know who you have to contact to get the most relevant service.

We normally provide advice by telephone, however if we are unable to do this effectively we will come out to meet with you or arrange an appointment for you to come and see us so that we can provide the advice you need.

We know that it can be a bewildering task to try and understand what services there are that can help:

The Leicestershire Advice Service for Social Care will help people to

  • · Know what services exist for adults in the County
  • · Explain how to access services
  • · Identify relevant help early on
  • · Help people maintain maximum choice and control

If you would like to talk to somebody in the Advice Team then please ring:

0116 2229555

Translation: For languages we are unable to offer we access Language Line and interpreters

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