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Service User Involvement

It is really important to us to consult service users before we make any major decisions to change our services.   It is key to help us improve our services and identify areas where there is a need that is not being met and to help us to identify any action we need to take.

We do this by:

  • Holding service user groups/meetings
  • Inviting service users to attending meetings and events where appropriate
  • Surveys
  • Listening to individual feedback
  • Exit interviews when you have received ongoing support from our service to find out what you did or didn't like about the treatment you received.

Details of any up and coming events will be listed in our news details.

We do have in place a complaints policy should you really feel unhappy with any part of our service.  For a copy of LCPT's complaints policy please see the attachment below.

Complaints ProcedureIQP1010.pdf146.23 KB