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Peer Support and Mental Wellbeing

Dual diagnosis is a term that may not mean anything to most people but, if you have a dual diagnosis, then you will know just how bad it can be. Dual diagnosis is the term used by professionals to describe a combination of mental ill-health and alcohol or drug problems. For people struggling with both of these things life can be very hard indeed and it can be difficult to get the help that you need.
However, a group of people in Leicester have not only successfully dealt with dual diagnosis in their own lives, they have gone on to use their experience to help others. 
As part of LCPT’s Intercept Service they have been supporting people in the Criminal Justice System whose alcohol or drug use is rooted in mental ill-health. They became Peer Mentors to encourage people who felt trapped with dual diagnosis and help them to access the support and treatment that is available. 
This is what the Peer Mentors have to say about their work in Intercept:
‘The work I do with people is significant and that gives me quality of life because I get something from that’
‘My confidence has grown so much and this gave me the confidence to apply for a paid job. I got it!’
In fact 10 of our Peer Mentors went on to obtain paid employment and a further 16 have commenced higher education or training.
Mental wellbeing relates to a person’s psychological functioning, life satisfaction and ability to develop and maintain mutually beneficial relationships. Psychological wellbeing includes the ability to maintain a sense of autonomy, self-acceptance, personal growth, purpose in life and self-esteem.
Staying mentally healthy is more than treating or preventing mental illness. Being able to help others, who are struggling with the things that you have learned to deal with, is undoubtedly a powerful aid to self-esteem and personal progress. 
If you would like to know more about this work, or if you, or someone you know needs help with any of these issues, please click here or call 0116 2229555.