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Aids and Adaptions


Home Adaptations

·    What is it?

·    Minor adaptations

·    Major adaptations

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What is it?

Sometimes it may be helpful for changes to be made to your home. This can help you to live as independently as possible, by making day to day living and getting about in your home, easier and safer.  This will often be considered for people who are coming out of hospital.

Examples of home adaptations include:

·    Grab rails or banisters

·    Ramps

·    Widened doors

·    Stair lifts

·    Level-access showers

Minor Adaptations

Minor adaptations include things like grab rails, small ramps and stair rails.  An Occupational Therapist(or other worker) may also recommend other equipment, for example to help with bathing or using the toilet.

For minor adaptations it is possible to do a self assessment.  This can be done using the online form, or by printing the form and sending it to us and you can ask a friend or relative to help you.  See Self Assessment for Equipment and Minor Adaptations.

There are no charges for adaptations that cost less than £1,000.

Major Adaptations

Major adaptations include things like stair lifts, widened doors or level access showers.  If you need a major adaptation (costing more than £1,000) and you own your own home, you will be advised to apply to your District Council for a Disabled Facilities Grant to cover the cost of the work.  The grant is means tested and you may be required to pay towards the cost of the adaptation.

If you live in a council or housing association property, the landlord will usually be asked to carry out the work.

An Occupational Therapistor Community Care Worker will usually meet with you in your own home and will work with you to do an assessment.

Contact information

Contact us to ask about getting adaptations to your home to help with day to day living.

·    Contact details for Adult Social Care

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