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Carers Assessment

Carers Assessments


What is a Carers Assessment?

A Carers Assessment is a set of questions that look at how your life is affected by giving care. It may also be a chance to discuss with a social care worker the help you need with caring, and to maintain your own health and balance caring with your life, work and family commitments.


The person carrying out the assessment should ask if you are able and willing to carry out the tasks involved in caring. For instance, you may be finding some tasks physically painful or stressful. You still care about the person you look after, but you may no longer be able to care for them, or wish to care for them. It is your right to choose.


As well as looking at the help you need, the assessment can be useful in:

·        Exploring how you feel about caring

·        Giving you information about support organisations

·        Deciding if you want to stay at, or return to, work and how to make this happen

·        Preparing for the future or for emergencies (see last page)


Who can have a Carers Assessment?

·        Adult carers who are caring for someone who is over 18 and entitled to a Community Care Assessment

o   The care should be “regular” and “substantial”.

o   In practice, this means that providing care for that person has a noticeable impact on your life.

o   A Carers Assessment may also be prepared before you begin caring – for example, when getting ready to discharge someone from hospital.

·        Young people caring for an adult family member will be automatically entitled to a Carers Assessment

·        You can have a Carers Assessment even when the person you care for refuses help or an assessment for themselves


How do I get an Assessment?

·        You can contact  Leicestershire County Council on 0116 3050004 and ask for a Carers Assessment

·        You can complete a self-assessment form (Impact of Caring) online http://www.leics.gov.uk/index/social_services/asc_support/asc_carer/asc_carers_assessment/RenderForm/carers_assessment_form.htm?F.Name=rgvkwzzpaip

·        You can download a printable version of the self-assessment form http://www.leics.gov.uk/carers_assessment.doc


For More Information

Go to: http://www.claspthecarerscentre.org.uk/scripts/1101/uploads//Factsheet1-Carer_Assessments.pdf