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Carers Support Fund

Carers Support Fund


Support Fund

·    What is it?

·    Who can Access this Funding?

·    Additional Criteria

·    What can I spend the Money on?

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What is it?

Caring can be both pleasurable and a stressful experience. Many carers would and do appreciate opportunities to take a break from caring and support to help them in their caring role.

Carer’s Support Fund is funded by Leicestershire Adult Social Care Services’.

Carers can access this fund to enable them to have real time off from caring and support them to continue in their caring role. Up to a maximum of £250 per financial year may be awarded to individual carers (depending on the impact of caring).

Who can access this Funding?

If you are providing substantial amounts of care on a regular basis to an adult (18 years and over) who:

Has care support provided by Leicestershire Adult Social Care Services or,

An adult who has one or more of the following conditions:

·    Mental ill health and is in contact with, or receiving support from the secondary mental health service (e.g. the Community Mental Health Team)

·    Physical/Sensory or Learning Disabilities and is in receipt of middle or higher rate of the care component of Disability Living Allowance

·    Terminal or long term degenerative illness, e.g. Cancer, Dementia. Multiple Sclerosis.

Additional Criteria

Only one carer can claim the Carer’s Support Fund for looking after a service user/cared for person. If two carers each care for the same person only one of them can claim. These carers will need to consider who will gain the most before deciding who should claim.

What can I spend the money on?

An application can be made for the following types of support only:

·    Short Breaks
This could include sitting services, befriending support for the cared for person, day/week-end break (with or without the cared for person).

·    Other carers’ services
This could include contribution to the costs for labour for having work done in and around the home; training related to the caring role; other skills training, sports equipment, ICT equipment, gym membership; home appliances; driving lessons.

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