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Day Services


Day Service Provision

Day centres and day centre activities

Day Centres and Day Centre Activities - Community Life Choices

·    What is Community Life Choices?

·    How do I get this service

·    Contact information

·    Related links

·    External links

What is Community Life Choices?

Community Life Choices is the new name for Day Services.  The new name reflects the changes in the way social care services are provided, giving people a personal budget so that they have choice and control over the services they receive.

A number of traditional building based 'day centres' still operate throughout the County either run by the County Council or Independent and Voluntary Sector organisations. These provide a safe and supportive place for people with high support needs to spend time during the day.

Community based services offer people more choice, flexibility and opportunities to do things in their local community. E.g.

·    Learn new skills and hobbies

·    Meet new friends

·    Enjoy trips out

·    Share meal times with other people

How do I get this service?

We will work with you to undertake an assessmentto see what your support needs are.   If you are not eligible for support from the Local Authority, you may be able receive help through our Community Enablement and Reablement Service.

We will also carry out a financial assessmentto see if you will need to pay for or contribute towards the cost of your services.

Service Availability for Eligible and Non Eligible People

There is lots  information about services available in your local area that may meet your needs.

Information about the Community Life Choices providerswho have contracts with Leicestershire County Council.  You can use  the filters to find  providers who may be able to meet your needs.

Information of about available services can be found on: ChooseMySupportand Leicestershire Connect

If you are not eligible for support from the County Council you may also be able to access these services yourself by contacting the provider direct.

Contact information

Contact us to ask us about day centre services and activities available from day centres.

·    Contact details for Adult Social Care

Related links

·    Supported activities for people with learning disabilities

·    Community life choices providers who have contracts with Leicestershire county council

·    Long term support

·    Personal Budgets

External links

·    Leicestershire Learning Disability Partnership Board

·    Communities in Partnership Engagement Network


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