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Disability Grants

Disability Grants

General Info


What is it?

Disabled Facilities Grants provide financial help for people who are registered disabled (or if not yet registered, registerable) and need an adaptation to their home.  

Adaptations include things like:

·    stair lifts

·    widened doors

·    level access showers

Eligible works are practical works that are necessary and appropriate to your needs.  For example, for you to:

·    be able to get into your home

·    have access to living, sleeping and bathroom facilities

·    have access to food preparation, cooking, power and light facilities

·    make your home safer for you

·    improve your heating system in your home

·    access parts of your home necessary to carry out caring responsibilities of someone you help to support

If you live in a council or housing association property, the landlord will usually be asked to carry out the work.