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Funding Provision



·    Care home charges

·    Other sources of funding

·    Exemption from care home charges

·    Charging guidance and policies

·    Contact information

·    Related links

·    External links

Care home charges

If you are planning to stay in any type of care homewhether it is run by the Council or any other organisation, this information may be helpful to you.

We will carry out a financial assessmentto work out if you need to contribute to the cost of your care home place, and if so, how much you can afford.

If you have savings/capital above £23,250 the Council may expect you to make your own arrangements with the home, if you are able to do so, instead of the Council doing this for you.  See care home charges - savings/capitalfor more information.

There are some important differences in the way charges for places in care homes are worked out, depending on whether your stay is expected to be permanent or not.

If you are financially assessed as being able to contribute to the cost of your care home place, the amount you will pay is the lower of:

·    The cost of your place at the care home, i.e. the cost of the care home to the council, or

·    The amount that you are assessed as being able to afford – see care home charges - savings/capital

Sometimes the cost of the care home you choose may be more than the Council is willing to pay, and additional payments are necessary to cover this shortfall.  If this applies to you please see care home “top ups”.

We have prepared a number of information sheets about Care Home Funding.

Other sources of funding

If you have ongoing healthcare needs you may be entitled to funding through NHS continuing healthcare.  The member of staff helping you with your assessment will consider whether your support should be paid for by the NHS instead of social services.

Exemption from care home charges

Most people are charged for staying in a care home, but people who are staying in a care home as an after-care service to someone previously detained in hospital - Section 117 of the Mental Health Act 1983 are exempt.

Charging guidance and policies

We follow guidance from the Department of Health in our charging policies and procedures:

·    Department of Health – Charging for Residential Accommodation Guide (CRAG) - 1020 kb .pdf)

Contact information

If you need a financial assessment please contact us.

·    Contact details for Adult Social Care

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External links

·    The Money Advice Servicegives free impartial information and advice about funding long term care and support.