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General Information


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Looking after myself

Someone to help you - home care

·    What is it?

·    How do I get this service?

·    Contact information

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What is it?

Some people have difficulty looking after themselves day to day, for example with:

·    bathing

·    washing

·    dressing

·    eating

·    getting in and out of bed

·    remembering to take medication

A Personal Assistantcan help you with many of these tasks.

Equipmentmay help you with these tasks and to remain independent, but if you are still having problems you may need help from a care worker.

Short Term Support

You may only be having difficulty temporarily, for example because you have been ill or in hospital, in which case our reablement teamcan support you for a limited time to help you get back on your feet.

Long Term Support

If you are having difficulties longer term, we can arrange for you to have practical help on a long term basis.

How do I get this service?

We will need to check if you are eligible, which will be done at the same time as your assessment.  

You can search for providers of home care on ChooseMySupport.

Contact information

Contact us to ask about getting an assessment for longer term support.

·    Contact details for Adult Social Care

·    Age Uk 0116 2992233

Related links

·    ChooseMySupport- Directory of local social care support options

·    Getting Support

·    Personal Budgets

·    Paying for Social Care and Support Long Term

·    Charges for Services at Home and in the Community

·    Getting help at home

·    Help with Home Maintenance and Gardening

·    Help with Meals

·    Help with Housework

External links

·    Age UK-  finding help at home

·    Care Quality Commission- advice about using and choosing social care

·    Homecare- online directory of home care providers in Leicestershire

·    Directory of Care Providers in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland

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Living at Home

Looking after myself

Looking after myself

Living safely at home

Living safely at home





Home maintainance / gardening

Home & Garden maintenance

Keeping warm

Keeping warm

Shopping and errands

Shopping and errands

Housing related support services

Housing options -
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