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Making a Complaint



(Updated: 9 December 2013)

Concerns and Complaints

·    What is it?

·    How do I get this service?

·    Contact information

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What is it?

·    We value your feedback – good or bad

·    Any concerns or complaints you make help us to understand what it feels like for customers who receive support from staff or adult social care services

·    This means we can share good practice, make improvements and plan for the future

·    We also have a statutory duty to deal with complaints about adult social care

·    Read our complaints procedure

·    When you make a complaint, we will:

o  Acknowledge your complaint within 3 working days

o  Log your complaint, both with the department and with the Corporate Complaints Manager

o  Write to you to let you know who wil be investigating your complaint and when you can expect a response

o  Send you a written response to your complaint once it has been investigated

·    We will also:

o  Be flexible in how we deal with your complaint and treat you as an individual

o  Recognise that you are making a complaint and treat it as such, even if you don’t call it a complaint

o  Regularly analyse complaints to continuously improve our services

o  If you would like to contact the Corporate Complaints Manager directly, please telephone: 0800 0968 116

·    If you are not satisfied with how your complaint has been dealt with, you can contact the Local Government Ombudsmanwho will investigate your complaint further

How do I get this service?

·    Online, via the Comments/Compliments/Complaints Form

·    By email: adult-social-care-tell-us@leics.gov.uk

·    By telephone: 0116 305 0004

·    By printing off this easy read leaflet and completing the form:Tell us what you think (300kb .pdf)

·    By post, by writing to:

Corporate Complaints Manager
Social Care Service
County Hall

Contact information

·    Contact details for Adult Social Care

Related links

·    How to complain or commenton other Council services, that are not related to adult social care

External links

·    Local Government Ombudsman