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Accommodation Options

Living in your own home

Living in your own home

Care homes and other housing options

Care homes and other
accommodation options



Sheltered and Supported Housing

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What is this?

Sheltered housing is a traditional form of housing support provision, which is usually rented from social landlords (housing associations or local authorities). Older people living in sheltered housing occupy their own self-contained homes. They are expected to live independently as tenants or leaseholders and they have housing rights and security of tenure. It is housing and not a form of care home. Sheltered Housing is specially designed accommodation, available for rent or for sale, mainly for older people, where support is provided. There are lots of variations between different schemes. Schemes usually provide many of the following features:

·    Self-contained flats with their own bathrooms and fitted kitchens.

·    Communal laundry

·    Communal lounge for a variety of social activities

·    Communal gardens

·    Guest room

·    Security and safety features

·    Warden/scheme manager

·    24-hour emergency assistance through connection of each flat to a call centre (community alarm)

Housing related support services are usually provided in Sheltered Housing.  These services help older people to maintain their independent lifestyles in the following ways:

·    Security - provide peace of mind for the older person and their relatives.

·    Deal with emergencies – community alarms.

·    Support to report repairs that may be needed or help to find repair services.

·    Help with claiming benefits.

·    Help on accessing services such as shopping, cleaning, cooking, personal and nursing care.

·    Provide assistance and support in maintaining residents’ tenancies and directing residents to other services.

·    Access social and other activities such as volunteering, courses and befriending groups.

Contact information

·    Contact details for Adult Social Care

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