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Plan Your Support

Planning Your Support

General Info


Organising your Support

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What is this?

If you are not eligiblefor support from the Council, you may still find the following information helpful to organise your support.  When you were planning your support, you decided on how you want to be supported and wrote an action plan.  Now you can begin to get your support organised.

We will help you to organise your support, or you can do this yourself if you prefer with the help of friends and family or with another organisation or person that isn't part of the Council.

You may find it helpful to look at details of the types of support services that are available.

Brokers are people that can help you find and buy the right services.

What's On Guide
The What's On Guidegives information about things happening in your local area, such as events and activities.  Many of these are free or low cost.

CareOnLinegives information about local groups and organisations that you might like to get involved with.  Many of these are free or low cost.

ChooseMySupportgives information about social care services and products, including details of how much they cost.  You can also buy or enquire about services and products through the website.  Providers that appear on ChooseMySupport have to meet certain requirements to be included, so you can feel reassured that they have been checked for their quality.

Personal Assistants
You could use your Personal Budget to pay for a Personal Assistant, which is someone you employ to take care of your personal needs and help you to live independently.

Contact information

·    Contact us for help with organising your support

·    Contact details for Adult Social Care

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