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Review of Situation Needed

Social Care Review

General Info – County Hall


Reviewing your Support

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What is this?

When you first start using your Personal Budget, we will get in touch with you to see how things are going.  This is normally about 6 - 12 weeks after you get your first Personal Budget payment.

Sometimes we will work with you to do a more thorough review of your support needs and support arrangements to see if things have changed.  This is normally once a year, but could be more often if your circumstances have changed.  

The review is normally done in your own home, but can sometimes be done as a self-review for people that are able.  If you have children, or other important people in your life, and it is appropriate, we would like to involve them in the review, but it is up to you whether or not that happens.  

At the review, we will talk to you about the following:

·    What is working well and not so well about your support arrangements

·    How well you think you are achieving the things you want to achieve.  We call the things you want to achieve 'My Outcomes'

·    Whether you think your support needs have changed.  If your support needs have increased or decreased we may need to do a new assessment

·    Changes you might want to make to your Support Plan and support arrangements

·    New outcomes you want to try to achieve

·    If you are receiving your Personal Budget as a cash payment, we will ask to look at your bank statements, invoices and receipts

·    We will also ask you if there has been a significant change to your financial circumstances.  If there has been a change, we may need to do a new financial assessment

·    We will check to see if you are still eligibleto receive a Personal Budget

We will also talk to the important people in your life that help you to find out:

·    Their views on how well your support arrangements are working

·    How well they are coping in their caring role

You will receive a written copy of the review form.  You can tell us if you do not agree with any part of your review and we will look at this with you.  If you are still not happy, we also have a Compliments, Comments and Complaints service that you can contact.

Contact information

Contact us for help with reviewing your support.

·    Contact details for Adult Social Care