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Self Directed Support

Self-Directed Support

General Info


About Self Directed Support

·    What is it?

·    Self directed support means

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What is it?

If you need longer term help and support to live life to the full, we want to encourage you to plan, choose and buy your own support, to maintain control over your life, and to live your life, your way.  We call this 'Self Directed Support'.  It means that you are in charge of how the money for your support is spent.  By working like this we are able to help you in a flexible way, to live as independently as possible and to feel part of your community.   

·    See also the 7 steps to self directed support.

Self directed support means:

·    We work with you to do an assessmentto find out your individual needs and what you want to achieve in life - these are the most important things.  We call the things you want to achieve 'My Outcomes'

·    We will help and encourage you to think about your outcomes and what support you might need to help you achieve them

·    If you are eligible, you will be given a 'Personal Budget', which is an amount of money set aside for you

·    We will also need to work out if you will have to pay towards the cost of your Personal Budget, by doing a financial assessment

·    You are in charge of how your Personal Budget is spent to help you achieve your outcomes

·    Many people choose to receive their Personal Budget as a cash payment, but there are different options for how the money can be managed

·    You will be encouraged to do as much as you can for yourself with the help of your family and friends.  This is to help you be as independent as possible and to feel part of your community

·    You will be given as much help as you need to plan and organise your support

·    Important things about your life, and details of how you want to be supported will be recorded in your Support Plan

·    We will also think about what support the people who are helping you might need and these will be included in your Support Plan

·    Once you have planned your support, you will be able to get on with organising your support

·    Once your support arrangements are settled and everything is working well, reviewing your supportusually happens once a year

See our real life stories pagefor examples of how people in Leicestershire have used Self Directed Support to make their lives better.

We understand that not everyone will want or be able to do this to the same extent, but we encourage people to take control where they can and want to do so.  The important thing is that everyone gets to say how they want to be supported.

Self Directed Support is part of a bigger change to social services which is called 'Personalisation'.  

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