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Short term support

Short Term Support

General Info -  County hall


What is this?

Simple and shorter term support includes many different services, such as help with meals, grab rails and other equipment to help you in your home, things to do in your community, getting back on your feet, for example after a stay in hospital, and respite care.  Not all services require an assessment.

·    We will work with you to do an assessment where necessary, sometimes in your own home, sometimes over the telephone

·    The assessment is to work out what your support needs are and to find out what you want to achieve

·    For some services we will need to check if you are eligible for support.

·    For some services we will also need to work out if you will have to pay towards the cost of your support, by doing a financial assessment, but some services are free of charge

·    Find out what you can expect of usor what we expect of youwhen we are doing your assessment


If you think you need simple or shorter term support to help you live life to the full, a trained member of staff will help you to work out which areas of your life you need support with.  If an assessment is necessary, this will usually be done in your own home, but is sometimes done over the telephone and will be done in a way that fully involves you.  You will be encouraged to think about what you want to achieve and what support you might need to help you.  We call the things you want to achieve 'My Outcomes'.  For some services the assessment also includes checking on your eligibilityfor support

You will receive a written copy of the assessment.  You can tell us if you do not agree with any part of your assessment and we will look at this with you.  

If you are still not happy, we also have a Compliments, Comments and Complaints service that you can contact.

Self assessment

·    In the future we are planning to make it possible for people to carry out a self assessment.

Contact information

·    Contact details for Adult Social Care

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