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Supported Living Properties



supported living

What is Supported Living?

Supported living is where people live in their own home, but they get help with things like cooking, shopping, and paying bills.

two different places to live

People are supported to live independently in their own home in the community. For more information please see the Supported Living - Fact Sheet. (PDF, 170 Kb), Accessible Fact Sheet(PDF, 1.83 Mb), and Real Stories about Supported Living.

a government building and laws

The Government’s White Paper ‘Valuing People’ (2001) said that people with learning disabilities should have more choice and control over where and how they live.

People can choose to live by themselves or share with others.

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Some good things about Supported Living are:

  • becoming independent
  • belonging to a Community
  • having your rights in your own home
  • having support that is right for you

group of people with disabilities

Supported Living is suitable for people with a range of care and support needs


These are some examples of the support you can get:

two people making cups of tea

  • learning to do things for yourself like cooking, shopping or cleaning.

a wallet with money


  • learning how to manage your money and bills.

three people have their arms round each others shoulders



  • helping you find out how to meet new people or do new things.

a person is holding a sign that says "I don't feel safe"



  • learning how to stay safe in your home.

an information pack



  • helping you find out about other services you might need.

two people are talking one of them is writing



  • talk to you about what type of help you need.

a plan


  • draw up a plan with you say what we can do to meet your needs.

a calender displaying dates

  • talk to you regularly to see if your needs have changed and if you need help with different things.

thinking of supported living



  • If you are interested in or thinking about Supported Living please contact us.


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Supported Living

Short term

Short term support

Support in your own
home after a crisis,
to help you live
independently and
move on

Long term

Long term support

Support in your
own home on
a longer term basis,
to live independently

Supported living
easy read

Supported living easy read

Support in your own
home with things like
cooking, shopping, and
paying bills